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Chirpy Chase Interactive Plush Cat Toy

Chirpy Chase Interactive Plush Cat Toy

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🎯 Do You Feel Victimized By Your Cat? 🎯

We all know our cats are very dangerous assassins of the wild, but have found yourself to be their main target of attack? Give your kitty a new victim of assault with our
 Chirpy Chase Interactive Plush Toy

This interactive toy flaps its wings and chirps, imitating real life prey, aside from yourself, keeping your little beast of prey entertained and alleviating their natural predator instincts. Don't let yourself be their only object to attack, give your cat a Chirpy Chase as new victim!

Key Features:

  • Activation Toy Magic: Keep your cat engaged effortlessly! The Chirpy Chase responds to your cat's touch, triggering hunting instincts, and intelligently conserving battery life during breaks.

  • Separation Anxiety Relief: Worried about leaving your cat alone? The Chirpy Chase doubles as a comforting companion, helping to alleviate separation anxiety. With its interactive features and soothing catnip, your kitty will feel less lonely when you're away.
  • Real Catnip Euphoria: Tucked inside the plush belly is a coin pillow with catnip, creating a euphoric experience. Catnip stimulates hunting instincts and provides a calming effect for nervous pets. The bag is easily removable or replaceable with a convenient zipper.

  • Endless Entertainment: No more worries about boredom! The Chirpy Chase ensures your pet stays entertained with three movement frequencies and authentic sparrow sounds.

  • Durable Plush Perfection: Crafted from high-quality, durable plush material, it's the ideal playmate for your cat. Filled with natural cotton, it's completely safe for your furry friend.

  • Easy Charging Solution: Forget fussy batteries! The interactive Chirpy Chase comes with a convenient USB cable for a quick 90-minute charge after about 150 movement cycles. The small, lightweight motor is easily removable.

Elevate your cat's playtime with the Chirpy Chase Interactive Plush Cat Toy – the toy that keeps boredom at bay and your hunter's killer instincts satiated.

✌️Say goodbye to scratch free legs and say hello to a happy kitty 😻

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