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Misty Brush 2.0

Misty Brush 2.0

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💈 Defloof Your Floof Ball 💈

Is getting your cat into the bath too much of a hassle? Are you close to giving up on making them smell and look nice? Don't worry, you'll soon have the Misty Brush 2.0 cat brush with steam spray, with its amazing cleaning and massage features. All of that, with no bath needed!
Efficient At Reducing Shedding: Remove up to 90% of shedding hair from your cat within minutes. Brush gently over your cat's coat, and within seconds you will have a fistful of fur. And after 5 minutes you will be amazed at just how much loose hair has been removed.
Multi-Purpose: Engineered for versatility, this 3-in-1 cat misty brush effortlessly removes loose fur, provides a delightful massage experience, and strengthens the bond between you and your feline.
Advanced Steam Technology: The safe and gentle steam of this cleaning cat brush not only cleans but also enhances the health and appearance of your cat's coat, ensuring they look their best without harsh chemicals or excessive scrubbing.
Healthier, Shinier Coat: Regular use of the cat hair brush does more than reduce shedding-it also promotes a healthier, glossier coat for your furry companion. After each pampering session, your pet will not only look but also feel great, and they'll love the extra attention they get from being groomed with such a caring tool.
Efficient Cleaning: The clean environment you'll enjoy is matched only by the quality bonding time you'll share with your pet, creating a win-win situation for both you and your furry friend.
Foldable Handle Design: Easy maneuverability, convenient hanging storage. The ergonomic design ensures that grooming your pet is as pleasant for you as it is for them, making pet care a simple and enjoyable task.

Keep your kitty pampered & clean.  
Never worry about a stinky cat again! 

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