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Pouncin' Play Interactive Toy

Pouncin' Play Interactive Toy

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😺 Never Feel Bad For Being Too Busy Again 😺

Are you tired of working long hours and feeling guilty for not having enough time or energy to play with your cat? Is your cat gaining weight from sleeping all day? Say hello to you and your kitty's best friend with the Pouncin' Play ! Our innovative device keeps your cat entertained for hours, allowing you to go to sleep at peace knowing your cat had fun and exercised while you were busy with your day. 

🪀 So what's the Pouncin' Play? 🐭

The Pouncin' Play is a game-changer in the cat world. The Pouncing' Play is an automatic, rechargeable toy with an electric mouse plays hide and seek under a mat to captivate your cat's attention, simulating a real movement. Our toy not only satisfies their primal hunting instinct and physical exercise needs, but also reduces separation anxiety and stress levels for both you and your kitty. You'll never have to buy another cat toy again! 😻


Key Features: 

Timed Sleep Function: Feel free to leave the Pouncing' Play on all day without worrying that it will lose battery when you leave home, perfectly fit to keep your cat stays entertained & engaged all day. company. 

Motion Activated Wake: The Pouncin' Play is motion activated to make sure your cat doesn't lose interest and feels like they are in company all the time.

Automatic and Rechargeable: Just turn on the button on the mouse, insert the mouse inside the mat, and set both your pet and your hand free. The mice toy will start to rotate irregularly. You can imagine your cat hunting, stalking and swooping when it sees the running mice. (Rechargeable USB Micro-B charger included) 

Safe Material: CE and RoHS certified. All materials are safe and eco friendly. Our design is hazard free, so you don't have to worry about any harm to your cat or damages to your home when they go crazy. 

Multi Functional: The Pouncing' Play can be used with or without the hiding cover. Your cat will be running all around your home chasing the automatic mouse as it moves and spin across any open area, day or night.
Cat & Parent Approved: Keep yourself at peace and your cat happy and healthy with the Pouncing' Play's excellent design. The Pouncin' Play runs ultra quietly so it won't disrupt your home ambiance. 

The Pouncing' Play is the perfect gift for busy cat owners who want to keep their cats exercised and occupied while they are busy working or away from home. We know you and your cats will go crazy about it! 

😻 30% TODAY ONLY 😻 

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