Our Story

Welcome to Leap Kitty - Where Cats Are #1!

Hi there! At Leap Kitty, we're crazy about cats - just like you. Our store is all about making your feline friends happy with awesome stuff. We've got a bunch of cats ourselves, and we've tried and tested everything we sell. So, you can trust that our products are kitty-approved!

Our journey began with a mission close to our hearts - we had a sick cat and needed to pay over thousands of dollars in vet bills. Leap Kitty emerged from this heartfelt initiative, evolving into a haven where you can provide your cats with the best possible products for their happiness. 

loving viral cat

We know how important it is to have good products for your best buddies. That's why we've handpicked what we’ve tested to be the best cat furniture, fun toys, and human helping accessories - making sure that all our products work well and priced the lowest on the market. And guess what? Our team is made up of cat lovers who know a lot about taking care of these cute creatures. We're here to help you with any questions or advice you might need.

Join us in celebrating the joy of having cats in our lives. Your support means a lot to us and, most importantly, to our furry friends. Let's make every purchase a leap towards a brighter and happier future for all our beloved cats.

May all the kitties leap forever!

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